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Undoubtedly the most comprehensive school learning solution today, providing both online and offline instances of one turnkey solution SchoolEra benefits all major stakeholders of a school ecosystem viz. the teachers, students, parents and the school management. It facilitates

  • Real-time, in situ instruction delivery for teachers using enriched multi-media content and other pedagogical aids from leading digital content partners
  • Complete assessment lifecycle automation including automatic generation of CCE compliant grade-book for teachers
  • A self-paced learning platform for learners with anywhere, anytime accessibility
  • Complete usage reports for principal/ management.
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“Most comprehensive educational learning solution
across Schools”
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Content delivery Anytime, Anywhere!

On Pen Drive

SchoolEra on pen-drive also facilitates offline assessment automation. Additionally, the online mode will help keep the otherwise offline pen-drive application in sync with the user account of the web version for a seamless anywhere, anytime learning experience.

Online Solution

The online instance of SchoolEra is an easy to use application which is being primarily used to automate assessments, digital content mediated in-class content delivery in schools. Individual learners access the application from anywhere for self-study, to assess themselves and to connect with the teachers.

On Tablet

SchoolEra on tablet gives a whole new dimension to interactive learning, with the sometimes online mode enriching customized user experience. The unique offline assessment automation engine makes the assessment automation a seamless experience.

On Mobile

SchoolEra on Mobile gives you the freedom to keep track of what's happening in the classroom at all times.

Our easy to use interface connects teachers, students & parents. Now we can do all test related activity from smartphones.

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